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OutSpoken was born Ronnie Frost and grew up in the NorthEast section of Washington, DC. While growing up, he used his gift of music as a distraction from the negativity surrounding him. This included being abandoned by his father as a child, and vacating his mother’s home at the age of 16. Through the pain and sorrow, God comforted and protected Ronnie. Even when he hung out in the inner city  streets, with friends, where criminal activity was the path many chose; God never left Ronnie’s side. The name OutSpoken was birthed because his lyrics were considered to be outlandish.
Although Ronnie made mistakes, he was able to make the best out of his tough situation. One of his outstanding accomplishments was graduating from college and receiving an Electronics Degree. The best choice Ronnie ever made was to continue to study and follow The Word of God.
OutSpoken has been given a divine assignment from God to gather those who are lost and restore families by spreading the Holy Word of God through the gift of music. He ministers with a unique style of music, which is able to break the demonic curse that our youth and young adults are under, through the subliminal messages that are in the music that they listen to today.